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Cutting Costs

SPEED Series

HELP System 

The SPEED Series cuts cost in single-speed but varying load motors

The award winning HELP system is like "Cruise-control" for your A/C compressors and other motors

Cut Energy Costs, Not Performance

The Greenest Energy, is the Energy You Never Consume…

Consume only what you need; Pay for what you use!

40-60% of your facility costs are for HVAC!

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Convert your existing single-speed A/C compressor to variable-speed AC compressor technology!

Why replace perfectly good equipment, when you can easily upgrade performance!

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GSA Business featured the HELP System in their "Focus on Energy" issue!

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The HELP System is Eligible for the Smart$aver energy incentive program: http://www.duke-energy.com/north-carolina-business/smart-saver-incentive-program.asp

We are proud to be members of the USGBC Upstate Chapter steering committee.


Dramatically Cut Your Energy Costs... Without Any Damage or Loss of Performance!

The HELP System converts your existing single-speed air conditioning compressors, (And other motors), into demand based variable-speed!

The  HELP System's algorithm driven smart-microprocessor eliminates wasted energy, decreases costs, improves performance, and increases profits!  Just "Click-Here" to see how...

Save Energy and Money...

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HELP System  and  SPEED Series  products qualify for many Additional Energy Incentives...

Featured as one of the most innovative technologies at the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP) Summit!

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The HELP System also qualifies for Section 179 energy efficiency deductions; see the cost reductions here: http://www.section179.org/section_179_calculator.html

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